Project Veritas Board Claims It Did Not Oust O’Keefe

Despite assertions by the Project Veritas board claiming the contrary, it appears the journalistic organization’s founder, James O’Keefe, was forced out of the company by its board.

A video filmed for O’Keefe’s staff was leaked online, during which he revealed that he had been stripped from his position of CEO for at least 180 days, claiming he would receive zero pay as well.

“Currently, I have no job at Project Veritas,” O’keefe said. “I have no position here based upon what the board has done — so I’m announcing to you all that today, on President’s Day, I’m packing up my personal belongings here.”

“Our mission continues on. I’m not done. The mission will perhaps take on a new name,” he added.

O’Keefe reportedly put out his final video for his staff following a two-week suspension issued to him by the organization. As PJ Media noted, the 44-minute recording detailed his dispute with Project Veritas’ board of directors. O’Keefe discussed an apparently 6-1/2 hour-long meeting with the board, describing it as an “airing of the grievances” in which they talked about various employee grievances surrounding his leadership.

The now-former CEO questioned, “Why this week?,” noting the suspicious timing of such extreme actions being taken by the Project Veritas board; the company had arguably dropped one of its largest bombshells shortly before his suspension began.

In that story, a Pfizer executive admitted on camera that the pharmaceutical company was weighing the possibility of intentionally mutating viruses in order to assist in the development of new inoculations.

O’Keefe posted a video of the executive, Jordon Trishton Walker, appearing to have a meltdown after he was confronted for his remarks.

In the clip, Walker exclaimed, “I’m literally a liar,” and can be seen smashing O’Keefe’s iPad.

Following O’Keefe’s final video addressed to his staff, the Project Veritas board claimed it did not oust O’Keefe, instead claiming he voluntarily resigned from the organization.

In a posted statement, the board alleged, “We did not fire him, nor do we want him to resign.”

In O’Keefe’s experience, things went a little bit differently. As he said in his video, “I have no position [at Project Veritas] based upon what the board has done. So today I’m telling you on President’s Day that I’m packing up my personal belongings. And I’m intending to start anew. I don’t have the answers as to why they’ve been doing this. Or why board members have gone directly to employees to collect grievances.”