Progressive Lawmaker Trying to Explain Away Sinking Poll Numbers

Polls of how Americans view the country are not looking good for the Democrat Party. At this time, it’s come out that most Americans view Republicans as more equipped than Democrats to handle issues like education, crime, border security, inflation, etc.

In multiple battleground districts ahead of November’s midterms, Biden’s poll numbers remain notably underwater. Earlier this year, the president came out and claimed he doesn’t believe polls that negatively portray his leadership.

As one negative poll after the next comes out, Democrats aren’t trying to change their strategies or even clean up some of the messes they’ve made.

Instead, they’re just looking for one excuse after the next, as cited by The Blaze.

The Progressive Explanation for Democrats’ Low Poll Numbers

On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed her views about why Democrats are doing so poorly in the polls ahead of midterms.

The congresswoman stated low poll numbers for Democrats ultimately boil down to young Democratic voters feeling ignored by the Biden administration. Ocasio-Cortez then claimed that the strategy for Democrats should not be about trying to gain more support from Independent voters.

Ocasio-Cortez then stated that part of what’s frustrating young Democratic voters is Biden’s refusal to do away with student loan debt. The progressive congresswoman has repeatedly claimed that Biden alone has the power to end Americans’ student loans.

This is incorrect. Student loan debt erasure can only come from Congress. Ironically, not a single Democratic lawmaker in the House or Senate has introduced legislation to erase student loans.

The Real Explanation for Democrats’ Low Poll Numbers

Since Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks on Thursday, some social media users have expressed that the congresswoman’s explanation for Democrats’ standing in the polls is incorrect.

In actuality, high gas prices, a lawless southern border, continuous inflation, foreign policy mishaps, news of likely food shortages, etc., are the driving factors behind why Democrats are struggling in the polls.

When Biden was running for the White House, he said he was going to “build back better” and “restore the soul” of the United States. Neither of these things have taken place under Biden’s leadership.

Many Americans are unhappier and poorer than they were before Biden came into office. Inflation alone is eating the American public alive, along with other issues under Biden’s leadership.

It is for these reasons that most Americans aren’t too motivated to vote for the president’s reinforcements in Congress.