Pro-Life Leaders Call to Overturn Roe and End Abortion Funding

American pro-life advocates issued a new statement titled the Declaration on a New American Future calling for Roe v. Wade to be overturned and an end to all public funding of abortions worldwide on the 50th anniversary of the pro-abortion Rockefeller Commission report.

President Richard Nixon asked for a report from the Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth and American Future about the perceived dangers of exploding human population projections.

On March 27, 1972, the Commission’s report called for a number of government measures, including making abortion through the second trimester legal everywhere. The report also recommended public abortion funding, compulsory coverage of abortions by private health insurance companies, and distributing anti-population growth propaganda to American teenagers.

The pro-life advocates issuing the Declaration on a New American Future last week pointed out that the Rockefeller Commission did not speak with a completely unified voice. They noted that vice-chairman Graciela Olivarez issued a statement dissenting from the report’s recommendations.

Olivarez said in her dissent that even as the poor are desperate for justice and equality, the commission only responds with recommendations for legalized abortion. She added that when a society allows the right to life of even one person to depend on whether they are “wanted,” all of its citizens are in danger.

The authors of the new declaration expressly joined their voices with Olivarez, calling for the outright reversal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that followed the Rockefeller Commission report. They argue that Roe has deprived America of the lives of millions of people of every religion, race, ethnicity and both sexes.

The declaration also demands the end of public funding by federal, state, and local American governments for organizations that promote abortion or eugenics. It argues that groups that have argued those objectives are a legitimate part of human health care are subverting the fundamental principle of equal justice under law for every individual human being.

The signatories of the declaration go on to call for an end of U.S. foreign policy promoting abortion. It demands that the federal government adopt new policies excluding abortion funding and advocacy from programs directed at any type of international aid.