Pro-Biden Economist Slammed For His Latest Assessment

In 2022, the vast majority of economists agree the nation is in a state of decline.

The economy is rattled with low consumer confidence levels, low wages, high inflation, high interest rates, and forecasts of a recession.

Democrats have blamed price gouging, corporate greed, and even the president of Russia for these predicaments; however, the timeline of events and documented details simply don’t support what Democrats are saying.

However, amid a sea of economists warning that America’s economy is in very big trouble, economist John Harwood is telling a very different story.

According to Harwood, the American people are actually in a good place economically, due to the stimulus checks and other handouts provided by the government last year.

Such a demonstrably untrue claim has since been taken apart in a viral Twitter thread posted by @sunnyright.

A Perfect Depiction of Biden’s America
The thread started off by pointing out the complete ineffectiveness of telling people who are struggling financially that things aren’t really so bad. Suffice it to say, this doesn’t work.

Every day, Americans can see growing credit card debt, bills that need to be paid, rising prices, and other issues on their plate.

The thread then continued, noting that real life is always going to counter the pro-Biden narrative being put out by Harwood and others like him.

People who can’t afford food at the grocery store aren’t going to be especially moved by Biden supporters who claim that things are actually going well because of stimulus handouts last year.

Ironically, these stimulus handouts (and the American Rescue Plan itself) are significant factors in today’s inflation and higher interest rates.

Finally, @sunnyright explained that when people are truly dealing with money problems, there’s no lying to them and pretending like it doesn’t exist. At the end of the day, overdue bills and low bank accounts will always speak for themselves.

The Only Hope For the Economy
The economy got to where it is today because of the spending packages, money printing, and other poor fiscal policies put in place by the White House and Democrats.

There is no overnight fix to all of this. However, the healing process can only begin once these policies are reversed and discontinued. This is why there is so much riding on the midterm elections.

Harwood’s latest comments certainly haven’t done anything to inspire people to vote for Democrats on the ballot in November. If anything, Americans are being reminded of why they’re so eager to vote Republican and flip Congress red.