President Joe Biden’s Awful Politics

The Biden Administration has achieved two unlikely feats: alienating every non-liberal ideology and, through his vaccination regulations, putting TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk and Black Lives Matter Greater New York co-founder Hawk Newsome on the same side. I’m not a “chocolate chip communist,” but rather an old-school Black man who used to be involved in the Republican Party.

By accident or purpose, the 21st-century Right finds itself in the same situation as nineteenth-century Black nationalists: watched, scorned, imprisoned without bail, and prosecuted for political reasons. People have spent decades attempting to bridge the gap between Black nationalists and conservatives who advocated for home rule rather than D.C. central planning and limited government. It was no simple undertaking, given the persistent racial tensions from the 1960s. Joe Biden, ironically, made this aim much more realistic.

According to some reports, even “our” most famous rallying cry and collective, “Black Lives Matter!” was created by “trained Marxists,” to quote one of its designers, in this age of community co-optation. Moreover, non-leftist nationalists’ primary objective is freedom from outside influence, although this isn’t quite there. They, like conservatives on the other side of the tracks, are not supporters of the Left.

Furthermore, as they were hammered with conservatives throughout Trump’s rocky presidency, right-leaning libertarians found high common ground. Arguing about conservative authoritarianism was a favorite activity. These debates have all but died off due to actual tyranny on the other side of the aisle. Biden has even eclipsed George W. Bush’s national security state, which is a disgraceful achievement. They are doing their part to help make it happen. The mindset that has pushed them into this predicament is merely getting started.