President Biden Is A Huge ‘Mess’

During his address on Ukraine, Biden may be as serious as a Sunday morning, but he’s as lost as last year’s Easter eggs. The good news is that Biden isn’t drunk and doesn’t use alcohol. The bad news is that he speaks in this manner now.

“The United States is steadfastly dedicated to its ideals, but Putin should be aware that they will not fight for them in this instance. Perhaps if he invades a NATO nation rather than one that Washington has secretly sought to keep out of NATO,” Secretary of State said in his State of the Union speech to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moreover, Russia has previously stated that it relocated soldiers away from the Russia-Ukraine border, providing a ray of optimism. However, Biden stated that he did not prove that the claim was correct. In reality, US experts “suggest they remain very much in a dangerous posture,” according to Biden. The US and its NATO partners are ready to impose a harsh set of penalties as soon as possible.

“An invasion is still very much a possibility,” Biden cautions. The US has already evacuated its diplomatic employees from Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, at 7% compared to a year earlier. Another increase in gas costs will undoubtedly aggravate customer dissatisfaction.

The majority of the information is unimpressive. However, Biden’s performance is noteworthy: He slurs his words, gets confused in the middle of short phrases, and acts like a grandpa who can’t figure out how to use his new phone.

The United States was previously referred to as a “paper tiger” by Mao, but today it is all Biden. It is threatening to bring to the fight. It must amuse Mao’s heirs even more than Putin does. What’s required is not a swaggering, intimidating demeanor but the kind of hard-won, unshakeable reputation that renders such behavior irrelevant. Joe Biden may not be the best candidate for the position, but the country does.