Prediction: The Media Will Lap Up Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Victory’ Speech Like Dogs Returning To Their Vomit

President Biden addressed the nation on Tuesday with statements on ending the Afghan war. According to Biden, the number of Americans evacuated from Afghanistan is a success, with only a few remaining. His tone was almost joyful as he rationalized his administration’s conduct, claiming that everyone from the military to the State Department agreed on the messed-up withdrawal. He extolled the virtues of ending the war as if the previous week’s actions were some great accomplishment rather than the humiliating spectacle Americans witnessed on television. For the better part of the last week, the media slammed Biden’s lack of competency as well as lousy decision-making on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Several people have ventured to assert that Biden’s mismanagement of the Afghan crisis achieved something that no president in contemporary history has been able to do. The media took a sledgehammer to Biden last week, condemning his terrible decisions.

Biden’s administration desperately has to shift its focus from Afghanistan because his lap dogs would almost certainly forget what happened there. After this week, they would only speak about Afghanistan in terms of the Great Statesman Joe Biden saving people from the Republicans’ never-ending wars, if they speak of it at all. No matter how horrible and nasty, Joe Biden’s choices will indeed be ignored in the interest of left-wing politics. The media will not stand by and let Biden continue to shoulder the brunt of criticism for his actions. Shortly, the sycophants’ little break would be followed by their constant bashing of Former President Donald Trump and criticizing the Republicans for all that is wrong in the world. However, the media must maintain a laser-like focus while still siding with the truth. The media should take a stand and call out Biden as well as his henchmen.