Politico’s Nothing Burger Shows The Media Still Can’t Get Over Melania Trump

To distract from the lasting effects of the botched Afghanistan pullout and the Biden administration’s absurd attempt to push vaccination requirements on all private firms with over 100 employees. The media are scouring Stephanie Grisham’s description of Melania Trump for scandals. The Trump White House book by Grisham is due out on Oct. 5, but Politico is already promoting “a scoopy peek of her forthcoming tell-all.”

According to Politico, the first lady prepped for a picture session at the White House using a rug. When the Capitol rally devolved, she declined to issue a statement quickly. Rather than that, she waited a few days before categorically denouncing it.

Melania Trump contacted her then-chief of staff to express her disappointment and disheartenment at the Capitol’s events. On Jan. 11, the former first lady condemned the incident in no uncertain terms, a detail Politico neglects.

To many outsides of Washington, the concept of a prominent person pausing before tweeting is refreshing. It is not the first time a claimed bombshell about the former first lady has been published, only to be revealed as a non-story or make her look more sympathetic. Moreover, whatever Grisham writes, it won’t be the first “scandal” regarding the Trump administration. According to the Atlantic, President Trump postponed a trip to an American military cemetery in France to mess up his hair. He did not feel it was essential to commemorate the American war dead. Multiple sources with personal knowledge of the situation quickly refuted the hit article.

Additionally, there was the Russian bounty issue, in which Russia was suspected of compensating the Taliban for the assassination of American soldiers. US intelligence reported that it had “low to moderate confidence” in the allegations following the election. Numerous other cases include the fabrications and charges used in two fabricated impeachments. Meanwhile, the media and Big Tech have made a concerted effort to conceal the Biden family’s scandals, most notably the president’s son Hunter’s drug and prostitute activities.

Why are corporate news outlets and Twitter still on the hunt for Melania? The media find it easier to hound a previous politician about a non-story than to acknowledge their involvement in the current administration’s problems and scandals. They have not forgiven the first lady after four years of ignoring and shrugging off their remarks. However, Melania proves how wise she was to never listen to their garbage as publications like Politico continue to examine her every action.