Planned Parenthood Wanted Christmas To Be All About Abortion

There may be no two concepts farther apart that the Christian celebration of Christmas as the birth of Christ and Planned Parenthood’s crusade for abortion. That difference, however, did not stop the agency from using the holiday to promote its own immoral agenda.

Planned Parenthood took to social media to promote family discussions about abortion over Christmas. Along with “family, chats, and dinners,” there should be conversations about the sanctity of aborting unborn children.

How to combine the two? The organization recommended that celebrants connect on a “personal level” and base their talks on “experiences with pregnancy, parenting, and planning their futures.”

Flippantly calling the subject matter “deeply personal stuff,” Planned Parenthood urged its followers to “find common ground” and highlight “what keeps you in the fight.”

Acknowledging that it is not the easiest subject matter to talk about, they still prompted supporters to drag likely unwilling family members into the discussion.

Planned Parenthood previously announced that Christmas is “the season to advance access to health care and defend our reproductive rights.” So mixing the joy of Christ’s birth with its call for even more abortions is nothing new.

The Twitter thread continued. Denying that the unborn child is a unique individual, the organization urged followers to “reinforce the shared belief that everybody’s lives and circumstances are unique.” In other words, the courts have no say in protecting preborn children.

Without evidence, the thread claimed that 80% of Americans support abortion. This is hardly true.

While Planned Parenthood supports virtually unlimited access to abortion, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll conducted in June found only 10% of those surveyed believe states should allow abortion “up to nine months.”

And falling back on a tired leftist trope, Planned Parenthood pointed towards their definition of hypocrisy. The thread asked why lawmakers want to “force people to carry pregnancies” but do not support liberal initiatives to “help families thrive.”

Nevermind that the agency chose to use “people” instead of “women.”

Planned Parenthood exists only to ensure that every abortion possible is carried out — and paid for. For them to attempt to link the holiest of days with their cause is not only ironic but tragic. Thankfully families have much better and happier subjects to discuss during celebrations than abortion.