People Who Fell In Love With Kamala Harris Should Break Free

Politico sought political counsel on how Kamala Harris might improve her dreadful public approval ratings and negative news coverage. Some of it is the kind of overconfident, off-the-shelf advice that experts provide without considering whether or not the politician receiving it is capable of doing so. Larry Sabato, a political genius at the University of Virginia, and Beth Hansen, a former John Kasich campaign manager, provide the most acceptable and most discouraging advice.

Kamala Harris has been and will continue to be a star. Regardless of the circumstances, she knows her responsibilities to the American people, from San Francisco district attorney to California attorney general. The only thing that needs to be done to allow the Kamala Harris that the people fell in love with to break free from her managers is for her star to shine brightly once more.

Moreover, Kamala Harris has a warm, engaging, and bright personality. Her laugh is contagious, and her relationship with children is endearing. She’s a former prosecutor who has fought relentlessly to put criminals behind bars while also pushing for all Americans’ rights and dignity. Let unleash the Kamala Harris who made former Attorney General William Barr stumble during a hearing and defied Mike Pence’s attempts to cut her off during a vice presidential debate.

Furthermore, Kamala Harris was moved from being a mediocre politician in California who won elections to a presidential contender who squandered a terrific on-paper profile by failing miserably to inspire Americans. As she’s gotten more attention, her approval ratings have dropped again, and they’ve been much worse since she dropped out of the race. However, instruct Harris to perform more cackling, cringe-inducing dancing and berating people and see how that goes.