Pentagon Offers Unspecified Condolence Payments To Families Of Those Killed In Afghan Drone Strike

Remember when the US launched a counter-attack on the potential ISIS-K target after 10 US militants and Civil Service officers were killed in a terrorist attack outside Kabul Airport? It turns out the vehicle they targeted which presumably carried an arsenal, consisted only of water gallons. The misunderstanding killed 17 Afghans, including civilians and children. Although General McKenzie took full responsibility for the drone attack, the Pentagon announced monetary compensation for the families of those killed, but the amount was not specified. 

The entire family of Zemari was killed in the attack, and their deaths called for accountability from the US. As far as we know, the Pentagon called McKenzie to defend his case. After the hearing, they announced that the family would receive payment for their loss, which is disrespectful to dismiss the loss of life by simply offering compensation, and that too was not specified. It is not a child’s play where you can excuse a failure by merely calling it a mistake like ‘sorry we killed your family for thinking they were terrorists, here’s some money to make you feel better.’ 

Now we all know if it were Trump instead of Biden, the whole of America would be talking about, and the news would be everywhere on the front page along with his picture, but with Biden, he can leave the podium nobody would say anything. Guess the Democrats only care to make a big deal out of anything and everything as long as they get their way with everything. Just like the drone attack, which was quickly dismissed, they stopped talking about it after a month. Think about the families of the militants expecting them home soon but could only receive their coffins or the families of the Afghans that saw them getting killed as they pulled up in the garage.