Pentagon ‘Denies’ US Paid Taliban For Freedom Of Movement To Airport

The Pentagon has denied all allegations of having paid the Taliban in Afghanistan to allow a secure path towards the American citizens. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby denied the allegations during a news conference.

In a public address on Sunday, Biden mentioned that the US troops remaining in Afghanistan are doing their best to evacuate the US citizens and Afghan allies at the earliest. If need be, he will extend the deadline for evacuation beyond 31st August. Biden’s comment was not received well by the Taliban. Their spokesperson Suhail Shaheen stated in an interview with Sky News on Monday, following Biden’s statement of the possibility of the deadline extension. He said that it would represent a ‘red line.’ He declared that if the UK and US were to ask for additional time for carrying out evacuations, then the answer would be a solid No implying that extending the deadline would mean extended occupation, which can cause mistrust and will have consequences.

The statement has led to further unrest in an already chaotic situation outside Hamid Karzai International Airport. The US troops have started evacuating thousands of US citizens from Kabul. The situation in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s clear warning against extending the deadline prompted the question.

The US military is now evacuating thousands of people each day out of Kabul. The question arose about how they could ensure a secure path for the Americans with Taliban roaming the streets and were warned previously to shelter in places. Even after days of constant efforts for evacuation, thousands remain on the ground in Afghanistan, waiting for days in the airport to catch a flight outside Kabul.