Pelosi, Against All Speculation, Predicts Democrats Will Win Additional Seats In The House In November

Since 1938, only two times has the sitting president’s party won additional house seats at the midterm elections, and that party has never won more than one Senate seat in that same time frame.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confidently claimed recently that Democrats would not only hold onto control of the House this November, but they would actually gain seats in the upcoming midterm elections.

Pelosi was interviewed by Punchbowl News where she made the claim: “I was just in 12 cities in 12 days. We’re ready. And understand this. Because of the leadership of [DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney], we’re ready. So when the Dobbs decision came down, it wasn’t one of those ‘If only we had known.’ No. We believed we were going to win from Jan. 6 on – well, even November of last year on. So we’re ready. Mobilizing on the ground … messaging, raising the money. But the biggest factor of all is not only do we believe, the candidates believe. So for a year, 10 months, eight months, terrific people had put themselves out there believing they could win in those districts.”

Many election experts were predicting a landslide victory in the House for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, but some of those predictions have been scaled down in recent weeks. Still, most experts believe that Republicans will gain between 10 and 20 seats but those predictions seem to shrink a little every day.

Pelosi has served as Speaker of the House since 2019 and did so previously from 2007 to 2011 but she has been vague about whether or not she would seek the position again if the opportunity presented itself.

The 2022 midterm elections are some of the most consequential and important elections nationwide that we have seen in years. Every seat in the House is up for grabs, 35 Senate seats, and 36 Governships. With issues like abortion rights, climate change, and election laws, this midterm election could shape the country for years to come.