Parents Sue After 15-Year-Old Receives Abortion

The parents of a 15-year-old Virginia girl who received an abortion are suing a medical clinic and the local county department of social services.

The unidentified parents are suing the Bristol Women’s Health Clinic and the Dickenson County Department of Social Services. The parents of the girl accuse a worker at the local department of convincing the minor girl that she should get an abortion.

The $14.5 million lawsuit is a major test of the role of parental responsibility regarding abortion.

The abortion took place when the girl was 15 years old and three months pregnant.

According to the lawsuit, the girl had decided to keep the baby. She was then allegedly convinced to abort the baby by the head of the abortion clinic and a social worker of the Dickenson County social worker. The above are named in the lawsuit, as well as the doctor that carried out the abortion, and the director of the Department of Social Services.

The latest lawsuit could have wider implications as abortion is back in the public’s attention.

The major changes since the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision include state-by-state administration surrounding abortion. Each state is now responsible for its own abortion laws and regulation.

This has led to several states outlawing abortion as an elective practice. Several states, such as New York and California, have kept the practice legal.

The lawsuit could also become a major precedent regarding abortion law. It is also not the only major abortion lawsuit in the courts today.

A lawsuit is currently attempting to ban the mailing of a pill that induces abortion nationwide.

Another Virginia lawsuit in 2022 accused CVS of firing a Christian nurse practitioner for allegedly refusing to dispense the same pills referenced above.

The current lawsuit against the abortion clinic and county department of social services could be a major precedent in future court cases in the post-Dobbs environment. The court decision weighs the important roles of parents’ rights and responsibilities, as well as the limits of abortion in the law.