Oregon Could Potentially Flip Red This Year

Across the nation, there’s a massive pushback happening against far-left policies. These policies have made the country less safe and less affordable. Growing numbers of Americans are concerned about what the future of the nation looks like if Democrats continue holding onto power.

Across America, Democratic candidates are seeing many of the leads they had over Republican candidates decline. Then, there are GOP candidates who’ve always maintained their leads.

In Oregon, Republican Christine Drazan is running to be the next governor of the state. She also recently got a major boost from Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

A High-Stakes Election
If Drazan wins her election against Democratic opponent Tina Kotek, this would be the first time Oregon has a Republican governor in nearly 40 years.

Knight’s $1 million donation to Drazan’s campaign comes as she already enjoys a slight lead over Kotek. With more money in her war chest, Drazan will be able to reach more voters and increase her likelihood of winning this race.

The donation from the Nike co-founder comes as he apparently has a vested interest in keeping Kotek from becoming Oregon’s next governor. Before Knight donated to Drazen, he also donated to Independent Oregon candidate Betsy Johnson.

As Drazen campaigns for office, she’s committed to a platform that will increase public safety, improve statewide education, and reduce living costs in Oregon.

A Change From the Status Quo
While Drazen runs for the governor’s mansion, she’s letting Oregon residents know of all that’s at stake in this election. This particular governor’s race ultimately comes down to turning a new page or simply having more of the same leadership.

Drazen also wants the people of Oregon to know if Kotek manages to become Oregon’s next governor, she’ll simply be another version of Gov. Kate Brown (D).

With weeks left, time will determine how big a different Knight’s donation makes. Whether or not Oregon voters choose to elect Drazen will also speak to how fed up Americans are with left-wing leaders being the ones in charge.

As it stands today, neither Kotek nor other Democrats running for office this year have demonstrated even the slightest willingness to adapt and meet the needs of the American people.

Republicans, on the other hand, seem more willing to show up and do the work.