One Top “Defund the Police” Supporter Still Has Private Security

The left-wing movement to defund the police in America has failed.

In 2020, multiple Democrat-run cities actually did end up defunding the police. The results of this have since been higher rates of crime, depleted morale amongst officers, and less safety for everyday civilians.

Some Democrats are now trying to wash their hands of the movement entirely; although, this isn’t working out so well.

While Joe Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argue that Democrats aren’t the defund police party, other elected leftists beg to differ.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) is one of the loudest supporters of pulling funding from police. However, this isn’t stopping Pressley from investing in her own private security detail.

The Hypocrisy of Pressley’s Calls to Defund the Police
The Massachusetts congresswoman has claimed on multiple occasions that funding for police should be redirected toward “divested” communities instead. Even after massive crime upticks in 2021, Pressley did not walk back her support for defunding police.

In the meantime, though, the Democrat is spending top dollar on private security.

Records from the House of Representatives’ disbursements statements show that Pressley’s spent $14,000 on private security for herself just during January, February, and March 2022.

This is more than some people earn within six months’ time and it comes from US taxpayers.

Back in 2021, the Massachusetts Democrat also spent over $60,000 to ensure that she’s personally protected wherever she goes. Of course, this happened amid Pressley going on CNN (and other networks) to rail against police access for the general public.

This is far from a unique circumstance. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS) is another supporter of defunding the police who pays thousands for her own personal security as well.

A Different Reality For Everyday Americans
Unlike Reps. Pressley and Bush, everyday Americans don’t have the luxury of spending multiple thousands of dollars on private security details. In today’s economy, many people are barely able to afford the basics.

Democrats pay for their own private security because they recognize the importance of their own safety and protection. However, they want to defund law enforcement for the general public, thereby leaving everyday civilians without security.

It’s also not lost on people that the same Democrats calling to defund the police also want heavy gun control laws. If elected Democrats got their way, Americans would be without access to law enforcement and without access to firearms for self-defense.

This creates the perfect storm for criminals and psychopaths intent on doing harm to others.