Omar: Biden ‘Not Allowing The Pressure’ From Media, Washington To ‘DERAIL’ Afghanistan Mission

The left has coined the phrase “lived experience” to either qualify or disqualify people’s opinions they may not want to listen to. The term is largely racially biased and is mainly used in colleges because the real world doesn’t care about leftist ideology.

When it comes to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ilhan Omar does have “lived experience” as a refugee. The disastrous retreat has left tens of thousands of people behind, and there’s a big chance that they won’t be able to leave Afghanistan. Instead of call President Joe Biden out for his involvement, Omar doesn’t condemn Biden.

Omar told MSNBC, “We can’t let the Afghan people down in their moment of need. We’ve made promises that we couldn’t keep, but the one promise we can keep is making sure that we protect everyone that has been made vulnerable because of our mission.”

In that area, America can stand together, undivided, and get behind the efforts to protect Afghans who helped the United States. That may be all that Omar said that everyone could agree with. He defended Biden and his decision to continue the withdrawal planned rather than use contingency tactics and change pace. From the very beginning, Biden planned to fail. The withdrawal tactics that were used were always going to lead to the exact situation, and it’s pathetic that Biden didn’t consider other tactics.

When asked about Biden and his headstrong approach to his plans in Afghanistan, Omar responded, “He certainly has. And it’s even more surprising that he’s not allowing the pressure that’s being mounted in the media and in Washington to derail the mission he has set forth. The level of evacuation that his administration has been able to undertake is inspiring. And there’s important work that’s getting done. Even after the terrorist attack at Kabul airport, we continue to airlift and evacuate people. Yesterday, we evacuated 12,500 people. That is commendable work that our service members are doing, the State Department. And we will continue to provide them the support they need and push them to do as much as they can in the coming days. Because time is running out.”

Yeah, Omar, time is running out. Leftists tend to make a bipartisan statement just before going off the deep end. They use a tactic to pull the other side in just before blasting into their radical views.

The media and American citizens don’t want troops in Afghanistan. That’s an argument that’s being made every day. Democrats claim that Biden wants to get out of Afghanistan, and people are mad that he is. That’s simply untrue. The tactics in which we exited is the problem. Biden refusing to take responsibility is the problem. He hasn’t changed anything since the withdrawal began. Biden hasn’t reviewed his strategy and thought that a different method would fit the situation, but he sees a “one size fits all” scenario where bad things would happen no matter what.

The Taliban doesn’t want Americans in Afghanistan. If the Taliban knew that they would get pushback from the United States, they would have made many different choices. The Taliban has a vested interest in the U.S. military leaving to run the country, but the way the Taliban acted and how they continue to act as though Biden won’t retaliate when the Taliban changes the agreements. Biden just pushed it to the side, and they agreed to the terms of the Taliban. No other president would have done that. No other president would have shown that much weakness.