Oil and Gas Companies Are Sharing an Important Message

Since Joe Biden got into office, he’s made it his mission to attack oil and gas companies.

One of the most significant ways that Biden has waged this attack is by shutting down oil and gas leases. The White House, in an effort to boost Democrats’ poll numbers, has since announced that it will reinstate these leases.

Biden’s spending bills, along with his anti-energy prices, are to blame for why gas prices are so high. Yet, the president chose to lie about oil and gas companies, rather than own up to his economic failures.

On multiple occasions, Biden falsely accused oil and gas companies of being intentionally greedy and jacking up prices just to put the squeeze on Americans. Meanwhile, Democrats in states like California are passing new taxes on oil and gas companies, thus leaving them with no choice but to increase prices.

After over one year of being under attack by the Biden administration, oil and gas companies are fighting back, as documented by Fox News.

A Public Service Announcement For Every American

President Tim Stewart of the US Oil and Gas Association did not mince words when he spoke with Fox News on Saturday night regarding the president’s energy policies.

Stewart warned that by imposing more fees and royalties on oil and gas companies (amid restarting leases), Biden is extending the currently existing problem.

In addition to this, Stewart pointed out that America’s oil and gas companies are only going to be able to use ⅕ of currently available acres, thanks to the Biden administration.

Finally, the US Oil and Gas Association president stated that despite what the White House wants Americans to think, higher fees and royalties are not going to boost energy production. As it stands today, oil and gas companies are already faced with a real shortfall in terms of immediate production.

Long-term Dangers For the American Public

The Biden administration has been very clear that it wants a world with so-called “clean energy,” no fossil fuels, and only electric vehicles. This is why the president has been so viciously going after oil and gas companies, despite the necessity of these resources.

The warning from Tim Stewart shows that even with Biden’s latest reversal on oil and gas lease bans, Americans are far from out of the woods. Judging from the US Oil and Gas Association, it’s going to take this country years to heal from what Biden set in motion last year.

This healing can only begin once a Republican with America First policies has retaken the White House.