Official Demands Protection From Demonstrators at Justices’ Homes

In a long-overdue move, Supreme Court Marshall Col. Gail Curley demanded Maryland officials enforce laws that expressly prohibit demonstrations outside of justice’s homes.

Letters sent to both Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Montgomery County executive Mark Erlich laid bare the issue. Dated Friday and released by the court to reporters on Saturday, Gurley noted Hogan said recently that he is “deeply concerned” about the protests.

The incidents, the letters assert, have “only increased.” Curley reported that 75 protesters loudly demonstrated at a justice’s home in Montgomery County this week before increasing in numbers and moving to another justice’s residence. Then they returned to the first home.

For several weeks, “large groups of protesters chanting slogans, using bullhorns, and banging drums” have descended onto quiet neighborhoods in blatantly illegal acts.

Both federal and state law explicitly prohibit these demonstrations. And it’s not ambiguous.

According to 18 U.S. Code 1507, whoever “pickets or parades” near a building or home occupied by a judge intending to impede or influence faces imprisonment of up to a year.

Maryland prohibits assembling “in a manner that disrupts a person’s right to tranquility in their home.” Even Montgomery County, where many of the pickets have occurred, bans picketing “in front of or adjacent to any private residence.”

So far, the Justice Department has refused to enforce federal law and protect both the safety and private homes of Supreme Court justices.

And, in an inconvenient truth the media hopes has been forgotten, an armed radical leftist flew from California to the East Coast on a mission last month. To assassinate a Supreme Court justice in his home.

Also troubling is Saturday’s response to Curley’s letter from Gov. Hogan’s communications director Michael Ricci. The official said that Curley should have studied the matter further and learned that the Maryland Attorney General questioned the “constitutionality of the statute.”

There are scores of reasons to enforce existing laws against these illegal demonstrations, but still they continue. Our impartial and apolitical judiciary must be protected from mobs, and President Biden’s Department of Justice is long overdue to bring these unlawful acts to a halt.