Oberlin College Pays $36M Settlement To Bakery But Issues No Apology

Having faced allegations of racism after trying to hold an admitted shoplifter accountable for his crime, Gibson’s Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, finally has justice. This week, after being tarnished by accusations of racism, the business received a settlement from a defamation suit it filed against Oberlin College in 2017 — the bakery received a settlement of $36.6 million.

Oberlin College appealed the judgment to the Ohio Supreme Court, but the court declined to hear its appeal and upheld the decision. Two-and-a-half more months passed before Oberlin was forced to make the payment.

In a statement released by Oberlin in September of this year, the college said, “We are disappointed by the Court’s decision. However, this does not diminish our respect for the law and the integrity of our legal system. This matter has been painful for everyone. We hope that the end of the litigation will begin the healing of our entire community.”

A healing process wouldn’t be required if Oberlin College didn’t contribute to the conflict rather than assist in resolving what originated outside Gibson’s Bakery.

In the late afternoon of Nov. 9, Oberlin College student Jonathan Aladin stole a bottle of wine from Gibson’s Bakery and was chased out of the store by Allyn Gibson Jr., son of David and Lorna Gibson, who owned and operated the bakery with their father, Allyn Sr. During the altercation, Allyn was beaten. Three students were arrested as a result of the attack.

Within hours, a student-organized campaign called for protests and boycotts against the bakery for alleged racial profiling. Meredith Raimondo, the college’s Dean of Students, attended and spoke at the rally on Nov. 14. Additionally, the college ceased placing daily orders with the bakery.

Three students pleaded guilty in a deal that required them to pay restitution but not serve jail time. The Gibson family won their suit and received their settlement months later.

During a Fox News interview on Dec. 18, Lorna Gibson’s demeanor did not reflect earnings of $36.6 million due to how much damage had been done. The settlement will allow Gibson to keep the bakery open in memory of her dying husband.

Oberlin never issued an apology for not only enabling its students but amplifying its wrong-woke agenda and destroying a small business in the process.