Obama Warned Biden That Trump Is A Formidable Foe

Former President Barack Obama warned the current occupant of the White House that his leading challenger may be stronger than Democrats give him credit for.

This revelation from the Washington Post cited Obama telling President Joe Biden in June that former President Donald Trump has some strengths heading into 2024. Among those advantages is a loyal and unwavering base of support.

Obama cautioned his party colleague that Trump wields considerable power in the Republican Party. He also cautioned that there is now a strong conservative media that ensures that the Republican’s message reaches the voters.

According to two people familiar with the meeting, Obama expressed his faith in his former vice president and pledged to assist him in winning reelection next year.

It is all but certain that, barring something completely unforeseen, Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024.

There are still several months to go and dozens of primaries to navigate, but Trump’s backing easily overwhelms the rest of the GOP field. Trump is carrying triple the amount of support enjoyed by his closest challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Further, polls consistently show a virtual tie or the 45th president with the lead over Biden in hypothetical matchups.

It is highly unlikely, however, that Democrats are overlooking the challenge to their party’s leader from Trump. After all, they have weaponized the federal government against him to an extent not seen in this nation’s history.

It seems barely a week goes by without a new indictment of the Republican from some corner of the country. If Democrats truly underestimated him, would they pull out all stops to end his campaign before election year?

On the other hand, perhaps simply terminating Trump’s third run for the White House is not the primary objective.

Democrats hate the former president with a ferocity that is difficult to comprehend. Far from merely derailing his campaign, it is the goal of the party currently in power to completely destroy Biden’s leading challenger, have him locked up and watch him die in prison.

Sounds dramatic, but being indicted on 75 felony counts is rather dramatic. The left fervently hopes that, with a Democrat-friendly judge and especially a D.C. jury that something — anything — will stick.