NYT Columnist Urges Biden to Bow Out for 2024

Maureen Dowd is a legacy writer for the most legacy newspaper in the mainstream media, and she speaks what many Democrats think. On Sunday, she stated emphatically in her New York Times column that President Joe Biden should hang up his cleats in ‘24.

In a piece titled, “Hey, Joe, Don’t Give it a Go,” she notes that Biden has been on a winning streak in recent days. That, of course, was added to Sunday when the Senate passed his tax and spend on climate change measure.

Any week that includes the killing of one of Al Qaeda’s top leaders and a mastermind of 9/11 is a good week — for any president.

Between that and the week’s job numbers, Dowd laments that it may be enough to make him think that he is on firm ground for a run at reelection. That, the Times columnist insists, would be a mistake.

A mistake, she believes, that is akin to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hanging on too long. Using her passing and replacement by Justice Amy Coney Barrett as a cautionary tale, Dowd argues that his exit’s timing determines his place in history.

Speaking of course as a Democrat, Dowd said what most of even his own party acknowledges. Biden, who will be 82 on Inauguration Day in 2025, should ride off into the sunset feeling fortunate that his recent situation has taken a turn from worse to only bad.

Interestingly, Dowd correctly notes that the president seriously mistook his election as a mandate to be the next FDR. It was his calling, he seems to believe, to rewrite the social fabric of the nation and reorder it in his own vision.

The columnist believes most Democrats know that to avoid the resurrection of former President Donald Trump, or the “odious” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, new blood is needed.

Harkening back to the old days of “Let Reagan be Reagan,” Dowd believes an announcement declining reelection will allow Biden to go after his opponents unshackled. In her Democratic mindset, that would be a blessing.