NYC Mayor Wants Federal Help Dealing With Influx Of Undocumented Migrants

Although Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams campaigned on a platform of welcoming immigrants to the Big Apple, he is singing a different tune after busloads of undocumented migrants arrived in the city from Republican-led border states.

Earlier this week, he announced that the city is in a “state of emergency” and called on the federal government to provide resources to help offset the expense and strained resources caused by the arrival of thousands of immigrants in recent months.

“Our social services and our values are being exploited by others for political gain,” Adams complained.

He went on to express anger over the fact that Texas and other states along the U.S.-Mexico border did not provide him ample notice that buses filled with migrants would be headed for New York City.

“This responsibility was simply handed to us without warning as buses began showing up,” he said.

The mayor has also accused fellow Democratic leaders of “inaction” in the face of a clear and worsening border crisis, insisting that his city needs state and federal resources to meet its current needs.

“New York City is doing our part and now others must step up and join us,” Adams said.

For his part, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to defend his ongoing policy of loading buses with migrants and sending them to so-called sanctuary jurisdictions including New York.

An Abbott spokesperson addressed the latest backlash, declaring: “In a city with a population of over 8 million, [Adams is] claiming an emergency for just over 3,100 migrants being bused into his self-declared sanctuary city … that’s not even 1% of the population of New York City.”

Texas has directed buses to other spots throughout the Northeast, including the nation’s capital, in recent days. More than three dozen migrants arrived near Vice President Kamala Harris’ official residence in D.C. on Thursday in the second such transport of the week.

Last month, Abbott explained his rationale for targeting the vice president with his relocation effort, tweeting: “We’re sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border.”