NYC Homeless Balk At Plush Migrant Facilities

On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams opened a giant tent city to accommodate the influx of migrant males, and homeless people are balking at the plush amenities.

After declaring a state of emergency and requesting state and federal funds to deal with migrants being brought into the city, Adams set about constructing the huge facility on Randall’s Island to shelter and care for the record number of migrant males in the city.

Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol said the project will be pivotal in helping the migrants figure out their next move.

“We needed a different type of operation that gave us the time and space to welcome people, provide them a warm meal shower, a place to sleep, to understand their medical needs, to really then work with them to figure out what their next step is going to be,” said Iscol.

Members of the homeless community, however, are upset that the migrants are being treated better than they are.

Amenities at the new facility include fluff-and-fold laundry service, three “culturally appropriate” meals per day that will rotate regularly, and a wide selection of entertainment options, including Xbox game consoles, ping-pong tables, televisions, and board games.

Migrants also have access to 12 phones with free international calls.

“This is a place people can come, rest, relax and kick their feet up after the journey they have been on,” Iscol explained.

Baran Hines, who lives in a homeless shelter on Randall Island, could not believe the luxuries afforded to the migrants.

“They’ve got Xboxes? Get the f*** outta here!” Hines said.

Hines contrasted the migrant facility with the shelter he is living in.

“The building I’m in is so f****** awful,” Hines said. “The smell is awful on every floor.”

“The bathrooms are terrible with piss everywhere and s–t everywhere,” Hines continued. “There are flies in the bathroom.”

“The tents look five times better,” he added.

The city built the migrant facility specifically for migrant males, who have overwhelmed homeless shelters since southern border states began shipping migrants into the city earlier this year.