NYC Fire Captain Leaves Nothing Unsaid

On the 21st anniversary of the Twin Towers crumbling to the ground, a New York City firefighter put on display the courage to say what so many are thinking. That in itself is poetic.

This wasn’t just any firefighter. He’s a 20-year veteran who ultimately earned the rank of captain. Policing and fighting fires in America’s major cities is no joke. It takes a certain breed to do the job well for two days, let alone two decades.

The man in question is now a “former” firefighter. His employment with the city was terminated after refusing to inject himself with an experimental pharmaceutical known as the Covid vaccine. It doesn’t matter how talented or tenured, when it comes to the mandates it’s take the clot shot or kick rocks.

“I gave my best years to this city,” said the fire captain, exuding transparent emotion. Raising his voice he continued, “I made it to captain, I went through the process!”

He wasn’t finished. “The people who look by are the same people who thought slavery was okay, the same people who thought segregation at Shea Stadium was okay,” he ranted.

This is when the city council members interrupted the man. His comparison of the vaccine mandates to slavery must’ve struck a nerve. Then I remember, disparaging vaccine comments are viewed as an act of war by the left.

Undeterred, the outraged battler of blaze kept on going. “What’s wrong with you people, trust the science? You guys are f—d up,” he finished, saving the best for last.

His words resonate with millions around the nation. That includes the nearly 2,000 other New York City employees canned for defying the vaccines (NYC employees fired over mandates). That number is unacceptable. Not one more citizen should lose their job over the unconstitutional mandate of such a ludicrous “medicine.”

Speaking of Google, the name of this forcibly retired fire captain isn’t given because I can’t find it. A simple search on the world’s fastest search engine yielded no evidence this story even exists. You’re not surprised, nor am I.