NY Magazine Questions if Democrats Are ‘Stuck With Biden’ in 2024

The question of President Joe Biden’s fitness and ability to run for reelection in 2024 now haunts Democrats and their media supporters. So much so, in fact, that a Monday article from New York magazine’s The Intelligencer site questions if the party is simply stuck with the president.

Nothing rallies a political party’s base quite like “get out and vote for the guy we’re stuck with!”

The writer, Ed Kilgore, notes the alarming fact that even most Democrats want different leadership. The New York Times on Monday released the stunning results of a recent poll sponsored by the paper that showed only 26% of Democrats want him to lead their ticket in 2024.

But then he asks the all-important question: “If he stubbornly refuses to pack it in, what then? And where would Democrats turn?

Vice President Kamala Harris?

A year ago, that may have been agreeable for the rank and file. But no more. Harris shows herself with alarming regularity to be the best insurance policy Biden has, since she cannot be described in any way as “presidential.”

After the Highland Park July 4 massacre, Harris had this to say: “We’ve got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you.” She added that “you have been forced to take this seriously.”

Back to Biden. Democrats more than anything cite his age as their reason for wanting a replacement. Just 12 days after the pivotal midterm elections in November, Biden will celebrate his 80th birthday.

Some may cling to their grandparents’ wisdom of “age is just a number,” but clearly most Americans prefer a lower number attached to their president.For reference, former President Bill Clinton was 50 when he was reelected in 1996. That same year, Biden was 54.

One left-wing group with influence among progressives — if no one else — is RootsAction.org. It rallied radical leftists to support Biden in 2020 despite misgivings that he would not be as liberal as they hoped.

They were wrong there. Biden immediately raced leftward and never looked back.

However, their recent change of heart is due to the president’s ineffectiveness and lack of inspirational leadership, not his ideology. RootsAction.org is launching a public campaign for Biden to step aside as the party’s nominee in ‘24.

Democrats face the same dilemma of a baseball coach whose starting pitcher is struggling mightily but has no one to call on from the bullpen. Do they dance with the one who brought them, or put him out to pasture and call in an equally bad replacement?