NY: Antisemitic Man Tried To Mow Down Students Outside Brooklyn Jewish School

An incident of Semitic violence at a Jewish school in Brooklyn, New York has deeply unsettled the community following an attack on students, by an individual named Asghar Ali., a 58-year-old Pakistani cab driver who is being charged with multiple hate crimes after allegedly attempting to run over students and rabbis outside the Mesivta Nachlas Yakov School, an act captured on security cameras.

According to witnesses, Ali drove his white ford sedan onto the sidewalk in an attempt to hit several people there while yelling antisemitic slurs, including threats to kill Jews.

Ali tried to escape from the location. Was soon caught by people living in the area and the police. The Hate Crimes Task Force of the NYPD is looking into what happened and Ali is charged with offenses such, as threatening behavior attempted homicide trying to cause harm and reckless driving.

Council member Farah N. Louis strongly criticized the assault expressing that Asghar Alis actions of trying to harm students outside the Mesivta Nachlas Yakov School in Canarsie are unacceptable and will not be condoned. It is vital that no community or group should have to fear violence, discrimination or threats.

The NYPD has identified five individuals as targets of this attack, which include three 18-year-olds, a 41-year-old and a 44-year-old. Thankfully none of them sustained any injuries. The authorities are continuing their investigation. Believe that this was an isolated event without any ties to larger terrorist organizations.

This incident comes at a time when there has been a concerning uptick in Semitic hate crimes, across New York City.

According to NYPD data, such crimes have surged following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.