NJ Middle School Under Fire for Freezing Out Parents

Over the past year or so, there’s been a shift in how the Democrat Party approaches education. For quite some time, it was universally accepted that parents should be actively involved in what their children are learning.

Yet, somewhere along the line, this changed. Democrats began embracing various curriculums and policies that left a bad taste in parents’ mouths. Then, once parents spoke out about this, Democrats called them domestic parents.

After deeming concerned parents as domestic terrorists, Democrats also openly claimed “the community” serves as the client of public schools, not parents.

When it comes to the education of children, freezing their parents out is both unethical and dangerous.

This explains why a school in New Jersey is taking heat for exposing middle schoolers to information about transgender hormone therapy without parental approval, according to Washington Free Beacon.

A Bad Move by Pearl R. Miller Middle School

During a social studies class at Pearl R. Miller Middle School, kids were instructed to watch a short film about a biological male who took various hormone therapies for ten years to “transition” into a transgender woman.

None of the parents of the children exposed to this video were notified beforehand. This is one major reason why Pearl R. Miller Middle School is facing so much backlash.

Many parents have since come out and said they weren’t comfortable with this type of content being shared to their middle-schoolers. Then, there were other parents who claimed this content is inappropriate, in light of middle-schoolers still learning about basic male and female genders.

On some level, this doesn’t come as too much of a shock, seeing as New Jersey is a deeply left-wing state. However, what is somewhat eyebrow-raising is the fact that Pearl R. Miller Middle School’s superintendent hasn’t spoken publicly about the matters, despite multiple attempts to make contact.

A Disturbing Pattern

Various schools across the country have repeatedly shown disrespect to loving parents who want to remain involved in their kids’ learning and educational growth.

Countless school boards have disregarded parents who expressed issues with their young children wearing face masks day in and day out. There are also various reports indicating that masking of young children can interfere with their learning abilities and social development.

If schools continue to pull stunts like Pearl R. Miller Middle School’s, there’s likely going to be a real increase in homeschooling across the United States.