NJ Governor Piles Onto Newsom’s Odd Criticism of Florida

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who survived a recall election by disgruntled voters in his own state, saw fit to attack Florida’s leadership in TV ads. Then New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared “me too” and jumped into the fray.

Newsom’s ad aired on Fox News and was posted on Twitter on July 4. It encouraged unhappy Floridians to load up and migrate to California to be “free from hate.”

“Join us in California,” Newsom said.

Despite the likelihood that no one has ever voluntarily moved from Florida to New Jersey, Murphy added his praise to Newsom’s odd stand. He told CNN Tuesday that Newsom was right to target Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on abortion, LGBT issues, voting rights, and Critical Race Theory.

It is common knowledge that Democrats would love to dump Biden for the 2020 presidential campaign. It’s also increasingly clear that Newsom sees himself as an attractive alternative.

But Murphy? His pitch is for those trapped in Florida’s misery to migrate to states like New Jersey. Again, relocating to a blue state from Florida is not called “moving,” it’s called being extradited.

The New Jersey governor decried the U.S. as a “patchwork quilt country” due to the “hard right-wing radical block” of the Supreme Court. He added that the same block “declared war” on the nation’s women.

Murphy complimented himself for signing two bills into law last Friday assuring women from out of state may access reproductive services in New Jersey. Not content to stop there, Murphy went on to slam the Supreme Court for upholding the constitutional guarantee to “bear arms.”

Back to California which, for the record, has the nation’s third-highest homeless population and trails only New York state and Hawaii.

And as DeSantis spokesman Dave Abrams said, despite Newsom’s “pathetic” plea there will not be a caravan migrating west from Florida. After all, California has the highest state income tax rate, the highest gas prices in the nation and ranks in the bottom five for cost of living.

Which brings up a valid point. With all the Americans moving away from Democratic strongholds and into red states, how do all those one-way moving trucks get back to where the movers fled from?