NFL Owner Lashes Out At House Oversight Committee For Workplace Misconduct Investigation

On Wednesday, the legal team for Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commanders, sent a letter to the House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), criticizing the investigation into the team for workplace misconduct.

The letter was written by Snyder’s legal counsel, Tom Davis, a former Republican congressman who led the House Oversight Committee for four years. Davis now works for Holland & Knight, the law firm representing the Washington Commanders.

In the letter, Davis blunty accused the committee of running a sham investigation.

“The investigation of the Washington Commanders has not been fair, thorough, or bipartisan, and it certainly hasn’t sought the truth,” Davis wrote. “From the beginning, the Committee set out with a singular purpose — to destroy Dan Snyder and his family and attempt, with deception, innuendo, and half-truths, to drive him from the National Football League.”

Davis pointed out that the committee had not done enough to investigate changes in the workplace culture for the Commanders since allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct came to light in October 2021.

Davis also tried to cast doubt on the committee’s key witnesses, saying that Bruce Allen and Jason Friedman, both of whom used to hold prominent roles with the Commanders, were “embittered by their enforced separation from the team.”

Last year, messages between Allen and former coach Jon Gruden were leaked, evidencing a series of racial slurs.

This incident is in addition to allegations brought by Tiffani Johnston, former cheerleader and marketing manager for the team. She claimed that Snyder tried to grope her under a table at dinner, and later attempted to force her into a limousine with him. In a July deposition, Snyder swore under oath that he has no memory of meeting Johnston.

In response, the committee has insisted that they are merely attempting to “uncover the truth.” The committee also pointed out that the NFL team has been less than cooperative.

“Although the Commanders’ owner has recently claimed to have turned over a new leaf, this latest effort to attack and intimidate former employees who have come forward casts doubt on this assertion — as does the team’s continued efforts to block the production of documents to the Committee,” the committee wrote in a statement. “The Committee’s investigation will not be deterred by such tactics.”