New York Times Columnist: DeSantis Is Meaner Than Trump

In a recent article in the New York Times, columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.-Fl), while he may be more politically competent than Trump, is also meaner and more rigid.

This proclamation by Bouie comes on the heels of what many on the left have called a political stunt performed by Gov. DeSantis. With illegal immigration on the rise almost daily, the governors of border states like Arizona, Texas, and now Florida have begun sending some of the migrants who cross the border to “sanctuary cities” up north like Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and most recently Martha’s Vineyard.

“These stunts are being done to appeal to the Republican base, but the solutions right there, and it seems like the Republican base doesn’t understand that fear of them has kept the solution from happening,” said Jake Tapper, echoing the thought of many democrats.

DeSantis just recently joined in with the other governors when he sent 50 illegal immigrants in a plane from his state to Martha’s Vineyard. The governors who have taken part in this action have been clear and upfront that they are either busing or flying immigrants out of their state to protest the Biden Administration’s immigration policies.

Some in the media have called out Gov. DeSantis for flying immigrants away from his state. CNN reported just a couple of days ago that part of Gov. DeSanits’ budget included a line item called “migrant relocation” that set aside $12 million for the governor to continue to bus and fly people out of Florida.

Many republicans believe that Bouie and others are operating from a position of fear of a possible run for the presidency in 2024 for DeSantis.

Bouie, and others like him, are moving away from Trump as their main target and moving on toward SeSantis, who they believe will be a stronger candidate in the next presidential election.

Bouie, for his part, “appeared to compliment Trump for his ‘stage presence,’ he has frequently criticized Trump and his supporters. In 2017, when Bouie previously wrote for Slate, he argued that Trump intentionally used racist rhetoric to ‘make white people afraid. By May 2022, he claimed that Trump lacked “democratic legitimacy” and later praised Biden’s speech attacking “MAGA Republicans” as a threat.

After accusing Trump of being a “bully,” getting by as a celebrity with good stage presence, and able to temper his cruelty and egotism with the performance of a clown, Bouie used this new article to call Trump “competent,” meaner than Trump, and much more.

The change in tone from Bouie could possibly come from the fact that DeSantis has a chance to beat Trump in the primary in a couple of years, and it is never too early to start trying to destroy the candidate running opposite yours.