New York Republican Woman Attacked At Political Rally

In New York, Republican Lee Zeldin is running for the governor’s office against incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul (D). On Hochul’s watch, crime has gotten astronomically worse in New York. At the same time, the Democratic governor wants to stand in the way of people being able to defend themselves with legally-owned firearms.

Zeldin is running on a platform of restoring law and order to New York. This means holding criminals accountable and rolling back soft-on-crime reforms, such as cashless bail.

Polls show that Zeldin is truly giving Hochul a run for her money and could possibly become the next governor of New York. Though as this election plays out, supporters of the New York governor are becoming increasingly more violent.

Zeldin Supporter Choked in Broad Daylight
While protesting Hochul’s governorship, Zeldin supporter Angelica Torres carried a sign that read to vote out New York’s current governor. This led to one of Hochul’s supporters approaching Torres and taking her sign away.

Then, another male individual came up to Torres, wrapped his hands around her throat, and began choking her. Others at the rally had to rush at the man and pull him away from Torres.

Thus far, it remains to be seen whether or not the man who choked one of Zeldin’s supporters will be charged. The rise of crime has become a central part of this year’s race for governor in New York. Thus far, the only solution proposed by Hochul to tackle crime involves taking away more guns.

Now, calls are rising for Hochul to condemn one of her supporters who choked a woman backing Zeldin.

Double Standards in the Media
Thus far, the coverage of a Zeldin supporter being choked by a leftist in New York is getting very little mainstream coverage. Though if one of Hochul’s supporters was choked at a rally by a Zeldin fan, this would make mainstream news for days on end.

Once again, this is another example of violence against conservatives being intentionally overlooked. Just recently in Florida, a campaign volunteer for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was also violently assaulted and later hospitalized.

As Democratic leaders across the nation continue to up the ante by demonizing Republicans, more left-wingers are likely to feel emboldened and commit violent acts.