New Video Shows Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Lied About Being Harassed By Candace Owens

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, took to Instagram with an emotional video where she accused Candace Owens of harassing her. But a new video of the incident tells another story.

Cullors posted an emotional video on her Instagram account in which she claimed that conservatives like Candace Owens and the media were harassing her and her family at their home.

She stated that she woke up to Candace Owens and a news crew outside. Cullors started crying as she explained Owens was asking questions about the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation property.

She added that Owens speculated it was the foundation’s property and cried about how dangerous it was for anyone she didn’t know to show up at her house. She feared for the safety of her family, especially her child.

Owens admitted to visiting Cullors’ $1.4 million house, located in Topanga Canyon, California. However, Owens refuted the accusations that she harassed the BLM co-founder, and she had video proof of it.

Owens is working on an upcoming documentary about BLM’s finances, which is why she was with a film crew at Cullors’ house.

Owens provided a video showing that she asked for a meeting with Cullors politely and backed off when she felt she wasn’t welcome. Owens was simply trying to get some answers out of the BLM activist to include in her documentary. She claimed Cullors was only crying “crocodile tears” to get attention and called out the BLM activist on Twitter.

Owens explained that she came through the gate and offered to leave when no one was cooperating. She believes that Cullors’ video and her tears are just an attempt to cover up for the fact the BLM narrative is falling apart.

To add to her scrutiny of the BLM co-founder, Owens claimed that Cullors is a fraud who took millions of dollars from BLM and used it on her extravagant lifestyle and to purchase a house in an all-white neighborhood.

Reportedly, Cullors has been on a real-estate spree, as she bought four homes worth around $3.2 million in a period of 5 years alone.