New Poll Shows Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio Leading in Florida

A Spectrum News/Siena College poll shows GOP victory could be in store for Florida as voters favor Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio over their Democrat challengers.

The poll asked people between September 18-25 about whom they plan to vote for. The polling showed DeSantis leading Democrat Charlie Crist 49% to 41%. Rubio leads his Democratic challenger Rep. Val Demings 48% to 41%.

Economic issues were chosen as the most crucial matter by 39% of the pollers. The second place concern with just 16% was “threats to our democracy.”

Only 22% strongly approved of President Joe Biden’s reign, while 46% strongly disapproved.

DeSantis made his way into the scene in 2019 and is currently running for re-election in the November elections. He has become increasingly popular with the GOP, and his support is rising.

Rubio is currently running for his third term since taking office in 2011. He has become a controversial Republican, and some conservatives view him as a moderate figure, such as a Mitt Romney or a John McCain. A significant source of contention is his immigration views and wanting to allow illegal immigrants “a path to citizenship.”

In 2019, Rubio sided with Democrats to block former President Donald Trump’s declaration of emergency at the border.

While the controversial senator is arguably better than a Democrat in Republicans’ eyes, he certainly isn’t as conservative as many would like.

Crist has gubernatorial experience as he was Florida’s governor from 2007 to 2011. He originally entered as a Republican but later ran as an independent in 2010 and lost the Senate race to Rubio. He then ran in the 2014 gubernatorial race as a Democrat and lost.

“Those who support the governor should stay with him and vote for him,” Crist said in August of DeSantis supporters and added, “I don’t want your vote.”

DeSantis has a strong following, and his work during the coronavirus surge played in his favor. Unlike most other states’ leaders, the governor refused to shut down his state and has fought against mask and vaccine mandates.

With the midterms just a month away, a win in Florida is crucial for the GOP to possibly gain back ground in Congress.