New Poll Shows Biden Is ‘Hemorrhaging Support’ Among Critical Voter Demographics

A poll from the Associated Press-NORC depicts Biden’s approval rating standing at 50% while the disapproval rate is at 49%. This poll described Biden’s approval rating at 59% in July and has tanked 10 points since then. But the more important thing to worry about here is the vote of the independent voters that will define whether or not Biden gets to keep the White House. 

Among independent voters, the approval rating for Biden is at 38% now, meaning it has hemorrhaged 20 points. It was 62% independent voters approving of Biden’s job just two months ago. Not only this, the number has gone down among Democrats as well. Among them, the approval rate, which was at 92% in July, has gotten all the way down to 85%. The number has also cratered from 86% to 64% in Black Americans in just two months. The situation was attempted to be softened by AP, who characterized the drastic decrease in numbers as having dipped somewhat. 

Trying to cover up the bad news for Biden, AP tried to cover up the situation by blaming Former President Trump in his story. According to his report, the people having mixed feelings about Biden’s performance stated in follow-up interviews that Biden was still preferable over Trump. Biden had to deal with a pandemic-stricken country, which started during Trump’s presidency, followed by the Afghanistan withdrawal, which was also initiated under Trump. Lastly, the economic crisis is not to be blamed on Biden as the tax cuts by Trump happened to tilt in favor of the wealthy corporations. A health care worker from Atlanta, Acarla Strickland, said that Trump had a lot to do with the country’s progress. Though she did vote for Biden, she now feels lukewarm about him.   

Nevertheless, Trump cannot be dragged into the picture to save Biden as he has inflicted wounds on himself. The legislative battle in Capitol Hill, Biden’s inability to convince his party members into agreeing for a vote on his agenda. The Covid-19 situation has only raged on in his tenure along with the Border crisis, which was entirely his own doing. Moreover, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal leading to more American casualties is all on Biden’s head.