New Nuclear Deal Could Grant Iranian Terrorists Access to US

As the Biden administration continues to negotiate a new nuclear deal with the Iranian regime, new disturbing details about how terrorists may be given free access to enter the U.S. have been revealed by the Republican Study Committee.

The report released last week indicates that the new nuclear deal appears to include a legal loophole that will allow Iranian nationals with known terror connections to enter and remain in the U.S.

One of the many concessions being considered would be removing members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) from the designated terrorist list used by U.S. border and immigration security agencies.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the delisting of IRGC members would “open the gates” for known Iranian terrorists to enter the U.S. and would make it more difficult for law enforcement to detect and stop IRGC affiliates from conducting operations inside America.

The Republican report points out that taking IRGC off of the foreign terrorist organization list is a “non-nuclear” part of a proposed new agreement. The concession would allegedly enable and incentivize terrorist blackmail, allow terrorists to enter and remain in the country, and would make it more difficult to criminally prosecute foreign terrorists who aid the IRGC.

The delisting of the IRGC has been opposed by lawmakers in both parties. The White House has shown no intention of following the process required by the Constitution for ratifying treaties with foreign nations.

Similar to the original Iran nuclear deal entered into by Barack Obama, there is virtually no possibility such a deal would receive the approval of two-thirds of the Senate as required. Last month, 49 Senate Republicans told the White House they would not support the Iran nuclear agreement as it is currently proposed. They warned that without the support and consent of the Senate any restrictions or sanctions that remain will be weak and ineffective.

Biden’s efforts to reach a new deal with Iran appear to have no limits on what previous sanctions are subject to cancellation. The IRGC was officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. Biden seems driven to overturn every policy decision President Trump made regarding Iran’s nuclear and terroristic ambitions.