New Book Claims A Biden Hates Kamala Harris

Since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took over the White House last year, there have been lots of problems with their leadership. Inflation, the southern border and mismanagement of foreign policy are just a few examples of how royally this president and vice president have messed up.

Still, what’s a little less openly discussed is the relationship Harris has with first lady Jill Biden. There’s been chatter about it here and then; however, it’s not talked about nearly as much as the relationship between the president and Harris.

President Biden has gone on record multiple times singing the praises of his vice president and even publicly professing that he “loves” her. However, if new excerpts from an upcoming book are any indication, the first lady has a very different sentiment about the vice president, according to Twitchy.

The Root of Jill Biden’s Dislike for Harris

In a book by two writers for the New York Times that will be coming out soon, they dive into the reason why the first lady doesn’t care for Harris.

According to an excerpt from the book, it all goes back to a confrontation that Biden and Harris got into during the 2020 Democratic primary election, before Harris became his vice presidential candidate.

During one of the debates, Harris called out Biden for opposing busing. Then-candidate Harris even stated that had Biden gotten his way, she herself would have been denied access to education.

Harris also strongly implied that Biden’s work with known supporters of segregation while he was a senator tied him to racism as well.

Jill Biden didn’t like this at all. She is rumored to have said that Harris could “go f*** herself” for making these claims. The current first lady also wasn’t pleased with Harris being on Biden’s ticket as his running mate.

Apparently, Jill Biden believed her husband should have gone with a vice presidential candidate who didn’t call out his shady record in politics.

No Word from Jill Biden

In light of these revelations, the media has naturally tried to get a direct quote from Jill Biden on the matter.

However, a spokesperson for the first lady has simply said that many books are going to be written about the 2020 presidential election, with some being accurate and others not being accurate.

The first lady’s spokesperson likewise made it clear that Jill Biden won’t be publicly addressing her rumored comments about Harris or whether or not she personally likes the vice president.