Never-Trumpers And Corporate Media Pump Up Liz Cheney

Christopher Bedford wrote on July 15 in The Federalist of the never-ending propaganda campaign the corporate media and the Never-Trump neocon wing of the Republican Party run for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Bedford describes the latest coping-mechanism piece from Politico and its article from last week titled “More money, more problems,” about the fundraising activities of Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

The article describes how “extremely lucrative” being in “exile” in the Republican Party has been for Cheney as an “exile” among Republicans. Politico touts how Cheney raised “close to $1.9 million in the last quarter, bringing her to nearly $3.5 million total this year.”

Politico was pleased to report Cheney’s increased fundraising over her 2020 levels as some sort of indication that her views are ascendant, even among Republicans.

The reality of how Cheny stacks up to other Republicans is somewhat different. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy out-raised Chaney more than 12 times over, at $43.6 million. McCarthy also donated over three times more to the National Republican Congressional Caucus than Cheney raised in total. Republican Whip Steve Scalise raised almost five times more than Cheney in the second quarter.

Fundraising for Cheney also must be considered in light of her ability to rely on her father’s friends to make sizable contributions in the effort to discredit President Trump. During her time as conference chair of the Republican Party, she appears to have spent most of her time working against the supporters of President Trump.

Bedford shows how long-standing the media’s affection for Cheney’s hatred of President Trump has been. The Politico headline “She Kind Of Reminds You Of Margaret Thatcher” ran above the story gushing about the possibility of the greatest Never-Trumper taking over the Republican Party. The story mused: “Could the daughter of one of the more reviled leaders in recent GOP history become the face of the party as soon as next year?”

The media’s touting of Cheney as the next Margaret Thatcher and as some fundraising superpower shows how willing they are to rewrite objective reality in any way that can put President Trump and his supporters in a less favorable light. However, the question remains whether to whether the work of corporate media rests blindly with anyone other than those previously scheduled.