Never-Trumper Cheney Turns to Democrats for Reelection

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), perhaps the most strident never-Trump GOP lawmaker, is taking some heat from Wyoming conservatives after looking to Democrats for help in her floundering reelection effort to keep her place as the state’s only House member.

According to a report by Politico, Cheney’s campaign has not yet publicly stated that she is seeking Democrats and independents to change their party registration to vote for her in the August 16 Republican primary.

Cheney herself has been passing over town halls and forums in Wyoming’s conservative counties in favor of bipartisan events sponsored by groups like Issue One.

Mary Martin, chair of the Teton County Republican Party previously voted against censuring Cheney but now sharply criticizes her for failing to come to her home state to publicly defend her vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Martin said that Cheney has been “absolutely invited” to defend her position and present whatever facts she has to support her vote. Martin said she instead “opted to call the Republicans radicals.” She added that Cheney has been totally “MIA since January 6” and the Wyoming GOP believes that she now sees her House seat as a “stepping stone to running for president.” Since she needs to “get Trump out of the way,” Martin said she is using anti-Trump rhetoric nationally and with Democrats to raise money.

Cheney is facing Harriet Hageman in the upcoming Republican primary. Although there has been little public polling of GOP voters in the state about their preference, Hageman has received the enthusiastic endorsement of Trump, and Republicans in general have turned against Cheney since January 6 and its aftermath. President Trump beat Joe Biden in Wyoming in 2020, 70 percent to 27 percent.

Cheney told the New York Times last month that she will not support any “Democrats for Cheney” groups or “Switch for Wyoming,” a political action committee encouraging Democrats to register for the Republican primary in order to vote for Cheney.

Although Cheney has not openly courted Democrat voters, her hostility toward Trump likely does that job for her. Her place as the GOP leader hand-picked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to sit on the January 6 Committee gives her all the appeal to opponents of Trump she could ever ask for.