Nevada County Under Scrutiny Over Mail-In Ballots

As of 2020, concerns about mail-in ballots and their impacts on elections remain alive and well. In some states, there have been issues with these ballots being mailed out en masse and without solicitation. Following this were reports of voters getting multiple ballots, in addition to ballots with the wrong names.

Unfortunately, not all states have taken action to ensure that safeguards and procedures are put in place with mail-in ballots. It is for this reason that Clark County, Nevada is facing issues that worry many Americans in the conservative movement.

Trouble on the Horizon?
In Clark County, the handwriting on mail-in ballots and the handwriting on their envelopes do not always match.

In some cases, ballots and adjoining envelopes with different handwriting are being accepted in the county’s signature verification process. This raises red flags since the purpose of this process is to make elections secure.

Unfortunately, there is much room for the process to be abused. For instance, a journalist in Clark County discovered that ballots with mismatched envelope signatures are difficult to reject under Nevada law. Therefore, this means the same signature, in certain cases, can be accepted on multiple envelopes.

This verification process in Clark County fails to include critical safeguards beyond signatures. In Georgia, authentication of mail-in or absentee ballots requires a distinctive indicator, such as part of a voter’s driver’s license number.

Coincidentally, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) has been called the winner over GOP challenger Adam Laxalt, due to mail-in ballots that largely went in her favor. This race was also pivotal in Democrats keeping the Senate for the next two years.

A Need For Reform
Some Americans have called for the rejection of mail-in ballots altogether, barring extenuating circumstances for voters who are physically unable to come to the polls.

However, others are calling for far more oversight and reform on how these ballots are managed. This is a serious problem for many conservatives who question how reliable and honest elections are these days.

The various discrepancies in how mail-in ballots are handled nationwide are made worse when election results are delayed for days on end. Ultimately, mail-in ballot reform is only one step towards fixing the general public’s considerable skepticism about the integrity of elections.