NASCAR Legend Offers 1M Ammo Rounds To Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy became a legend when he dismissed Biden’s offer of safe passage out of his country, saying, “I don’t need a ride. I need ammunition.” Now NASCAR legend Richard Childress is stepping up to the plate to do precisely that.

The former driver and current team owner told Fox News that he would donate 1 million ammunition rounds to the Ukrainian defenders after being moved by pleas from Zelenskyy and his fellow citizens for assistance. Childress sat on the board of AMMO Inc. and contacted its CEO to make it happen.

Childress credits the 2nd Amendment and 82 million gun owners in America for being able to do “the right thing” and respond to the “wake-up call” that the unprovoked Russian invasion is sending out. He says AMMO Inc. is working with a private company to expedite the delivery.

Childress told Fox News that it was horrifying to see the lives being lost and that he would do “all we can” to assist. He explained that the number one ammo needed in Ukraine is the 7.62s and that’s what AMMO Inc. is scrambling to produce.

Childress is a former member of the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors and says he hopes to get even more rounds to Ukraine’s brave defenders. “We haven’t put the full cost to it yet, but we know we can do it.”

AMMO Inc. reports it has received an overwhelming response for its offer to donate the rounds to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. CEO Fred Wagenhals says the management team is “working around the clock to navigate logistical and legal complexities” and get them delivered to the war-torn country.

Other companies have reached out to AMMO Inc. inquiring about sending medical supplies or military gear along with the ammunition shipments. Childress says the company is seeing if that will be possible.

The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, even as the two sides say they are prepared to hold the second round of talks. The number of Ukrainians who have fled the country to get away from the Russian invasion has topped one million and the UN says another million have been displaced from their homes.

Richard Childress Racing was founded in 1969 and currently operates two NASCAR teams, including one featuring his grandson, Austin Dillon, who drives the No. 3. He was a driver in the 70s and 80s and has built one of the greatest racing teams in the world.

Childress drivers have won several Cup titles and he entered the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2017.