Must-Read Thread By Jim Geraghty: ‘Something Is Wrong With President Biden, And We Are All Being Asked To Pretend To Not Notice’

Democrats are starting to know what Republicans have known before the 2020 election. Biden is declining quickly.

According to Jim Geraghty, White House records say Joe Biden has only made two phone calls to other world leaders in the past ten days.

Not only that, but Biden went to Wilmington, Delaware, after his press conference on August 20, 2021. Where is the President going, and why doesn’t he involve himself more? We know why.

Biden isn’t capable of coherently taking approved questions from the press, much less unscripted conversations from other world leaders in a constructive discussion. The cognitive decline will do that.

It’s frustrating to Americans because Biden’s incompetence and cognitive decline have cost American and American allies lives in Afghanistan. The President isn’t listening to advice from bipartisan politicians and the military about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and making sure contingency plans are in place.

The world has seen who Biden is and isn’t happy about it. Afghan’s are being killed, Americans are being killed, and his mental deficiencies aren’t getting better. As he stands behind his decision, he’s offering nothing as a strategy to get us out of this mess in Afghanistan while other military forces rescue their citizens and troops.

Biden told ABC News in an interview: “No, not at, not in terms of whether we were going to get out in a time frame all troops, they didn’t argue against that” when the reporter said that the top military advisors wanted to keep 250 troops in Afghanistan. Biden also said the decision was split. So, instead of siding with caution, Biden decided to pull troops out, allowing the Taliban to take over.

Biden said nobody’s being killed right now near the airport and knocked on the wooden table beside him, saying, “God forgive me if I’m wrong about that.”

The fact is that people are being killed and beaten. The Taliban have set up checkpoints near the airport and are being shot at and stopped from traveling to Kabul.
Biden said, “We have to gain control of this” when asked about the pictures of the Afghan’s falling from airplanes as they try to flee the country and don’t have the timeline correct.

Biden said it was 4 or 5 days ago, but it had happened just two days prior. Biden can no longer differentiate time frames, a significant symptom of dementia.

Biden is clueless. His actions and willingness to stay in office with his cognitive decline are embarrassing and dangerous for the country moving forward. China’s even getting in on the fight by telling the U.S. not to get involved with Taiwan. Biden has to go.