Muslim-Majority American Town Bans “Pride” Flags On Public Property

On Tuesday, a city council in Michigan unanimously voted to ban “pride” flags from being displayed on public property.

The city of Hamtramck, Michigan, is the only Muslim-majority town located in the United States — and the city’s residents expressed their opposition to the promotion of LGBT “pride” during a meeting discussing banning the “pride” flag.

Despite the outrage from the radical left, the resolution actually applies to all flags promoting any religious, ethnic, racial, political or orientation-based group — and is meant to prevent “discrimination” or “favoritism.”

Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Mohammed Hassan introduced the resolution, and noted that only certain flags — such as the American flag — would be allowed to be displayed on public property.

“Only the American flag, and the nations’ flags that represent the international character of our City, shall be flown,” Hassan stated, according to the Detroit Press.

He went on to argue that it was imperative to “maintain and confirm the neutrality of the city of Hamtramck towards its residents.”

According to Hassan, allowing “pride” flags to be displayed on public property will lead down a slippery slope that could prompt White supremacist and neo-Nazi groups to ask for the same opportunity.

“The city does not want to open the door for radical or racist groups to ask for their flags to be flown,” Hassan wrote.

After hours of debate on the resolution that included many Muslim residents and officials explaining the reasons behind the resolution — noting that it has nothing to do with hate.

“You’re gay? No problem,” one resident said, adding: “Don’t sit here and throw it down kids’ throats, my throat or anybody’s throat!”

“We support the American flag!” he continued. “My parents came to this country in 1972 from Lebanon. You don’t see my family saying, ‘We’re going to put the Lebanese flag down your throat. You want to put up the gay flag at your house, then put it up at your house. Do not put it on city property, and do not put it on our schools.”

While noting that many people on his boards and commissions are members of the LGBT community, Mayor Amer Ghalib pointed out that his government’s goal is to “serve everybody equally with no discrimination, but without favoritism.”

However, radical leftist activists also appeared at the council meeting ahead of the vote to attack the resolution — with one woman suggesting that not having the government fly “pride” flags and celebrate “pride” is somehow an attack on LGBT people’s “basic rights.”

“This is a historic moment, a moment where the basic rights of the LGBTQ community is under attack,” she claimed.

A lesbian couple also appeared before the council and purposely tried to offend the religious Muslims in the audience — passionately kissing each other and causing many of the Muslim attendees to look away or start praying. One of the women was also wearing a clown nose while speaking to the council.

Meanwhile, dozens of Muslim and Christian residents gathered inside City Hall during the vote — and reportedly broke out into cheers and applause when it passed unanimously.