Mr. President, “Tear Down This Travel Ban”

After more than a year of the pandemic, the US has still barred travelers from entering the country, especially non-citizens. Even after the vaccinations have started worldwide, the US has still not eased its travel bans, unlike other western nations that have opened their borders for visitors under specific preventive measures.

Britain has lifted its travel bans for all its citizens and non-citizens. The vaccinated people have to undergo a couple of tests while in the country without quarantine, and the unvaccinated have to quarantine for ten days and get tested. But the US remains adamant on its Covid restrictions even after half a year of the vaccine drives all around the country. The citizens are getting frustrated with the persistent rules and are urging the government to ease its Covid policies.

The US is putting its relations with its allies at stake for the sake of its travel ban. While Canada and Britain have opened their borders for US citizens, the American government did not reciprocate the gesture in the same way. It makes little sense for people wishing to visit the US why they need to show additional vaccination records and the Covid vaccination. Many Brits and American citizens wanting to travel to the country are having a hard time and are stuck apart from their loved ones. Many people have raised the issue and have said they are missing out on the precious moments with family.

Biden is once again being called out for not fulfilling his promises, one of which was to re-establish close ties with its European allies and showcase the leadership skills of the world’s strongest nations. Still, the Administration has exhibited quite the opposite. While the illegal immigrants have sprung into the country from the southern border, the legal passport holders face the US restrictions that their allies have long forgotten. Ironically, the Administration that promised to go by science and that called the Covid-19 virus the pandemic of the poor is now also the one that is imposing its travel ban on the citizens of the highly vaccinated countries.