Most Americans Oppose Graphic Content in Public Libraries

These days, there’s a push to reshape children’s education and what they’re being exposed to. Look no further than gender theory lessons being imposed into classrooms, along with teachers talking about critical race theory and other matters that aren’t appropriate for children.

Time and time again, public schools have needed to be reminded that they should be educating children, rather than treating classrooms as political rallies. This hasn’t stopped certain schools and similar environments from exposing children to drag queens and other sexually explicit content.

Despite this “woke” turn of children’s education, new polling confirms most Americans aren’t in favor of it.

A Clear Message From the American People
A survey by the Capitol Resource Institute and Rasmussen Reports shows the majority of people oppose graphic sexual content in public school libraries. This majority maintains when asked about kids in elementary, middle, and high school.

Meanwhile, 89% of Americans also agree schools have an obligation to let parents know what their children are learning when they head to school.

The issue of children being exposed to graphic content in libraries and other settings is so problematic that Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education law months ago.

This polling shows far-left Democrats who believe teachers should be allowed to expose children to any and everything are out of touch. There’s a fine line between education and indoctrination. Once the indoctrination involves sexually graphic content, then it becomes grooming.

Moving Away From Public Schools
Because of the inappropriate lesson plans that children are being continuously exposed to in libraries and classrooms, the campaign for school choice has very much picked up steam.

Much to the annoyance of Democrats, Americans are demanding for their children to have education opportunities that extend beyond their zip codes.

This is best for the education of children. Although teachers unions still stand to lose from it, which is why Democrats overwhelmingly oppose school choice and access to charter schools.

Education is an issue where Republicans are gaining ground, as Democrats insist on children being exposed to explicit content in schools. The first true indicator of Republicans making inroads with voters on education is the victory that Glenn Youngkin pulled off last year in Virginia.

Then-candidate Youngkin was able to pull in votes from both Republicans and Democrats alike, due to him reaching out to voters on education and other matters of importance. If Democrats continue down the road of force-feeding graphic content to children in schools, it won’t end well for them.