More Illegal Aliens Caught At Northeast Border Than Prior Ten Years Combined

During a Saturday radio interview with Breitbart News, New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte warned about record-setting illegal immigration at the nation’s northeast border — noting that the Biden administration has completely ignored the fact that there have been more illegal aliens captured crossing the border over the last 11 months than in the past ten years combined.

Ayotte, a former New Hampshire senator, made the comments in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125’s “Breitbart News Saturday.”

She began the discussion by pointing out that illegal immigration and drug trafficking have become so out of control at the U.S.-Canada border that residents in the area have been dealing with the issue first-hand.

“I was up in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, which is the northernmost part of New Hampshire. I met this farm owner up there, she’s got a great family farm, raising her children, it’s a beautiful place, it should be idyllic,” Ayotte explained, adding that the farm “borders Canada.”

“They intercepted drugs, her and her husband,” she continued “There was a drug drop on her property and bear in mind, they’ve owned this property for decades and this is now becoming a huge problem under the Biden administration … she’s worried about her kids. She knows that there are illegal immigrants, they’ve come on her property, and you know, they’re armed — they have to be.”

Ayotte went on to note that the Swanton Sector of the northeast border — an area that includes New York, Vermont and New Hampshire — has seen more than 6,100 illegal aliens captured crossing into the U.S. from 76 different countries, meaning that there were more illegal aliens caught at the northeast border in the last 11 months than there were in the prior ten years combined.

“These aren’t Canadians coming over because they want to get New Hampshire maple syrup,” she added.

Ayotte then pointed out that the Biden administration has ignored requests for aid from New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R).

“This issue is critical,” she said. “Gov. Sununu asked for more help from the Biden administration and the answer he got was a flat ‘no’ because they obviously don’t care about the border issue. We’ve got rampant drugs coming in and this is a huge issue for any state not only that is on the border but every state in this country.”

If she is elected as governor, Ayotte believes it is necessary to disincentivize illegal immigration by outlawing sanctuary policies and refusing to provide benefits to illegal aliens such as driver’s licenses — pointing out that Massachusetts has given these benefits and has recently been forced to declare a state of emergency because of a massive influx of illegal aliens.

“I love our ‘live free or die’ values and what we stand for but that means on immigration, no sanctuary policies, no driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants,” Ayotte said. “These are all things happening in Massachusetts and guess what, Gov. Healey just had to declare a state of emergency because so many illegal immigrants are there because they have sanctuary policies.”