More Afghan Refugees May Move To The US Because Of Biden’s “Afghan Gaffe”

According to a National Security Council official, refugees from President Joe Biden’s botched Afghan bug-out might be transferred to the United States much faster and in greater numbers. After a meeting of the National Security Council with members of Congress at the White House on Wednesday, the person spoke to Fox News.

The State Department has stated that it is “overwhelmed” with refugees and that “they’ve been employing a lot of individuals to serve as case managers and housing assistance people.” A representative for the National Security Council boasts that the White House has increased resources and devised innovative ways to evaluate, screen, and process Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applications.

“As many as 14,000 US legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan,” the State Department confirmed in November, but their fates don’t appear to concern President Joe Biden. They can’t get the Secretary of Transportation to untangle the port problem in Los Angeles. The vax regulations are likely to put commerce with Canada on hold, but the Administration can do it quickly.

Moreover, on Monday, an Afghan immigrant named Tariq was found guilty of physically assaulting a three-year-old girl at Virginia’s Quantico Marine Corps Base. “Tariq” is an Afghan refugee who has been in the United States since 2001 and goes by one name.

Tariq, an Afghan refugee who was denied entrance to the United States because of his religious beliefs, is just one of many examples of what occurs when the United States fails to vet incoming refugees adequately. He said that “his behavior was accepted in his culture” and that he had no choice but to file for refugee status in his defense. As Biden’s Afghanistan bug-out spiraled into disarray, he added, most refugees were “waved through” the procedure.