Montgomery County Official Holds Children Hostage Over Booster

County Executive of Montgomery County in Maryland March Elrich recently tweeted a veiled threat to his constituents.

Let us not quibble about the fact that Montgomery County has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country for people above 5 or that there is only about one month left of school. Those arguments alone should be enough to shut down this line of reasoning. The real problem with this Tweet is not if boosters would even actually work, which is an open question now, but that it is an implied threat and an open attempt at coercion.

We elect our officials to represent us, not browbeat us into taking action that they think is appropriate. Mounds of scientific evidence is starting to roll in that the lockdowns had a massively negative impact on children. Academic performance is down. Mental illness and suicide attempts involving young people are up. This also does not consider the way the public is shifting on the pandemic restrictions.

Most everyone participated in the early mandates because there were so many unknowns. As we started to get more information on both the lethality of the virus and treatment options people began to differ on the appropriate next steps. As such, the monolithic support for the draconian restrictions began to wane. There is a massive amount of momentum for a return to normal as mandates are falling all over the country.

Everyone who wants to get the vaccine has already had ample enough time to do so. Same for the booster shots as well. People are just not in the same place they were 2 years ago. Some public officials like Mr. Elrich have not realized that the winds have changed on this. One of the reasons the Democrats are going to get absolutely creamed in the November elections is because the support for the onerous mandates that they are uniformly in love with is tanking.

It is a disgrace that March Elrich is prepared to sacrifice the well-being of children to push a political viewpoint masquerading as public health. There is enough information out there for people to make an informed decision on steps to take to battle the pandemic. Mr. Elrich should let people make the decisions for their health themselves and stop using children as political pawns.