Moderate Democrats Discover Joe Biden Isn’t A ‘Moderate’

Washington is embroiled in a struggle that is tearing apart the Democratic façade of togetherness. The fact that today’s vote on the so-called bipartisan infrastructure package, a costly waste no Republican should support, was canceled due to far-left threats and had moderate Democrats nervous. So rewarding, if you are on the right, is that the moderates are learning Joe Biden isn’t a moderate. However, people are uncertain about why these Democrats expect Biden to be pragmatic and competent. Having been the most leftist, radical president in modern history, no one can expect him to transform into Bill Clinton suddenly. He isn’t urging progressives to delay the reconciliation bill for a few weeks because he favors the progressive stance.

Since the start, he has been clear. He was so forthright that Republicans were unable to reach a compromise under any circumstances. Biden has said he won’t sign the infrastructure measure unless it includes his $3.5 trillion inflation-inducing budget. However, what makes him suddenly bend to Joe Manchin’s will?

Beyond that, people must consider Biden’s mental state. Familiarize oneself with his leadership style and ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal. It is a person who frequently misunderstands the page. Even if he wanted to regulate and handle the phones, he is frequently too tired. Biden is a man who has repeatedly proved he is unfit to be president. He’s not fit to be a hands-on president who passes significant spending bills.

Although moderates may feel deceived today, they need to be more outraged that they voted for an unknown candidate. Joe Biden has always been a staunch Democrat. He aims to be the next FDR as well as wishes to have his name immortalized. As a result, he is dissatisfied with a nonpartisan measure that advances many left-wing agendas. The reconciliation bill is, in his opinion, his legacy, and progressives have his ear.