MLB Player Apologizes For Promoting Boycotts Of Pro-LGBTQ Companies

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologized after sharing content on social media advocating for Christians to boycott Target, Bud Light, and other organizations promoting pro-LGBTQ ideology.

Bass apologized, saying his posts hurt the “pride community,” which he said includes some of his friends and family. He also apologized to his teammates and is “using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate” himself.

“As of right now, I am using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate myself to make better decisions moving forward,” he said. “The ballpark is for everybody. We include all fans at the ballpark. We want to welcome everybody. That’s all I have to say.”

Blue Jays manager John Schneider said Bass’ apology was a “first step” in learning how his actions affect others.

“It’s not going to be a 15 or 30-second apology and say, ‘OK, I did my part,’” the manager told reporters. “There’s going to be continued work with the resources we do have to try to show that he’s understanding that he made a mistake.”

Bass had reportedly shared a post from National Hockey League (NHL) star Ryan Miller. In a recent video, Miller claimed Christians should boycott businesses such as Target and Bud Light.

Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light beer brand has received criticism since partnering with “transgender” celebrity Dylan Mulvaney to advertise the beverage.

Target has also received criticism for selling LGBTQ products, including for children, and for offering several products from Abprallen, which sells products with the message “Satan respects pronouns.” Target reportedly did not include such products and has dropped Abprallen’s items from its website.

The Blue Jays fully support the LGBTQ community and its agenda. The Major League Baseball (MLB) team will celebrate the community in June 2023.

“The Blue Jays are proud to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ Pride Month, including a special fourth annual Pride Weekend at the ballpark June 9 and 10, and demonstrations of allyship all month long around the ballpark. Individual player sentiments are not representative of the club’s beliefs,” the team said in a statement, according to Major League Baseball’s website.

Bass’ Instagram profile includes text saying, “Love God,” and “Mark 10:27.”

“Pathetic,” conservative commentator Dan Bongino tweeted, referring to Bass’ apology.

“We are surrounded by cowards,” conservative commentator Matt Walsh tweeted.